Flavours of connection

Every day, over 5,000 Atlantic employees join forces to serve fresh ideas and strategies for development of more than 20 unique brands cherished for generations! We combine different flavours to create new and enhance the existing ones. Because at Atlantic, we all speak the same language. We are Taste Buddies, and in our world, every taste bud matters! Join us.

Our Approach to Former Team Members

At Atlantic, we understand that career paths often take unexpected turns. When our team members decide to explore new opportunities outside our organization, we value the new experiences they gain, thus enhancing their career portfolios.

Open Doors for Returning Team Members

We recognize that circumstances and aspirations change over time, which means that moments of parting ways might occur, but reunions are not excluded either. So, whether you're pursuing new horizons or contemplating a return, remember that at Atlantic Grupa, we appreciate such journeys and remain open to future collaborations.

From Atlantic Employees

Matjaž Sosič, Logistics, Atlantic Droga Kolinskaa

“I was content as a Warehouse Manager at Izola within the Atlantic Grupa. But then, I received a call from a global business consulting company, and I saw this as a significant career leap, an opportunity to expand my experience worldwide.

However, I missed the people and the team I had the privilege to work within Atlantic. We remained connected, even during my travels around the world. They, along with the opportunity to implement valuable insights and share the wealth of knowledge I had accumulated inspired my return to Atlantic Grupa. “

Stefan Bras, Technical Maintenance, Atlantic Štark

"What I missed the most was the sense of belonging to a team, which I regarded as a family during my previous tenure. That connection didn't fade even after my brief departure from Atlantic Grupa, and it continues to this day, now that I've returned. I feel like I never truly left.

The inspiration for my return was undoubtedly the realization that the financial aspect can't replace the happiness and satisfaction I experience every day when coming to and leaving work. Working with young colleagues brimming with enthusiasm, determination, and creativity, and progressing together in every aspect, is a genuine privilege."

Vanja Vukadin – senior brand building manager

"What I missed during my time away from Atlantic Grupa was the ongoing learning opportunities and the company’s vibrant corporate culture. The structured environment and the chance to work with renowned regional brands were significant draws. My return was inspired by the desire to apply the new skills and insights I'd gained. Contributing to innovative projects, working with a dynamic marketing team, and being part of a company that values innovation and growth reignited my passion for working at Atlantic Grupa. It's the blend of professional development, team spirit, and a nurturing environment that brought me back."

Flavours of inclusion
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Over 5,000 Atlantic members join forces daily to serve fresh ideas and strategies aimed at developing more than 20 unique brands cherished by generations!

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