Flavours of inclusion

We love creators who aim to advance and complement the operations of Atlantic Grupa with fresh ideas, flavours and specific skill sets. However, your arrival to Atlantic is just the beginning, and you’re never left to your own devices. We will onboard you, familiarise you with Atlantic's work culture, reward every recommendation and teach you to keep the meetings short and sweet.

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Flavours of well-being

Physical fitness, an open mind and an adventurous spirit lead to a healthy and balanced everyday life, as well as career! Free full medical examination, psychotherapy, numerous sporting activities, additional training opportunities, personal finances taken care of and paid extended leave are only a few of the advantages offered by Atlantic Grupa, which will help you find your zen!

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Flavours of excellence

We are here to satisfy your cravings! Reach your full potential through horizontal career development, and a range of trainings and mentorships! You can easily take the reins of your success by being proactive, and if you get tired of one option, we have in store plenty of other positions and opportunities for a change of function, brand, or even location! A dynamic workplace always keeps you moving forward!

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Flavours of recognition

We appropriately reward all achievements, successes of Innowave innovators, we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and newborn Atlantic juniors! In addition to numerous team and individual recognitions and awards, the Flex Benefits programme, various incentives and strategic, innovative and shareholder opportunities, our Christmas bonuses and gifts come as the real icing on the cake at the end of the year!

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Flavours of connection

Every day, over 5,000 Atlantic employees join forces to serve fresh ideas and strategies for development of more than 20 unique brands cherished for generations! We combine different flavours to create new and enhance the existing ones. Because at Atlantic, we all speak the same language. We are Taste Buddies, and in our world, every taste bud matters! Join us.

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