DO YOURSELF A FLAVOUR! Flavour your career at Atlantic


  • Safe and Sound

    The safety and security of all our employees is one of the fundamental principles we adhere to. In the workplace we have extensive safety policies and regulations that ensure a safe environment and all protective and preventive equipment to protect employees while performing their work. Continuously we are implementing new technologies and machines that enable our employees to achieve more, with less physical strain. In addition, all our employees are insured with job accident and injury policy.


  • Office Cafes & Canteens

    In all main Atlantic locations our employees can enjoy relaxing moments, hanging out with colleagues over a cup of good coffee in our office cafes. When hungry you can always go grab lunch or just a bite at the local canteen.

  • Flexible and Remote Work

    These options enable our employees to find balance between their private and professional life. Each of us has a different biorhythm and individual daily obligations. It is great to know that we can start our work day a bit later because we worked on important projects into the wee hours of the night, or that we are able to occasionally work remotely, if the nature of our work allows.

  • Authentic Dress Code

    Looking to move beyond the standard frameworks Atlantic Grupa has come up with a new concept of Appropriate Dress Code that asks employees to follow just one simple rule: be dressed in a tidy and appropriate way that fits the business occasion, having in mind the setting and the people you are likely to encounter during your workday. For our colleagues whose work implies wearing a uniform, we make sure they have what’s important for them: comfortable and quality work attire that provides protection and a representative look.


  • Free Medical Check for All Employees

    What does being well mean to you? Whatever your preferences are, taking care of your own health is definitely on your list of priorities. Aware of the importance of active care for the health of its employees Atlantic Grupa has introduced free physical check-ups. Comprehensive physical check-ups encompass all employees, without exception.

  • Sportsmanship for Everyone

    Spirits are high in Atlantic when it comes to sport. We have over 20 Sports Clubs for more than 13 different sports. Clubs are run by employees themselves while the company supports them through its budget for whatever they need.

    Once a year, we gather for a big corporate sporting event – Sports Weekend. To give you an idea just how keen we are in sport, we’ll tell you that applications for 700 participation places are booked within a minute from opening.

  • We Have your Back

    A unique solidarity policy provides help to all our employees who are experiencing difficult life moments. We are there for our colleagues and their families when they need us the most. To name a few examples this includes assistance to employees and their families in case of dire medical emergencies, in the aftermath of natural disasters or difficult life situations. In addition, we provide and cover the expenses for group and individual psychological help for our employees and their families, anonymously, in cooperation with external experts.

  • Time with Kids

    A first school day off for parents with children starting 1st grade is an opportunity for all our employees to give their little schoolers their full support and attention when they need it most. The first day of school is a big turning point for every child, and for the whole family as well. Thanks to their day off, every Atlantic employee can enter the first grade again with their child and give their little pupil an entire day of support as they need.

  • Sabbatical: Pause-Rewind-Play

    Working in Atlantic Grupa for a couple of years and demonstrating a strong performance record and potential to grow, we believe you deserve a unique opportunity to step outside the business world – to refresh and pursue desires that drive you from within. For example, time you need for further learning or a dream trip, to support your need to provide to a family member or other important life experiences and needs. In such cases Atlantic Grupa has envisaged the Sabbatical – extended, paid leave.


  • Atlantic School for Everyone

    Each quarter we start a new Atlantic School semester which offers all our employees a colorful palette of bite-size education and development opportunities. The Atlantic School schedule will feature something for everyone’s needs, from business skill upgrades like advanced MS Office, conversational English or German, presentation skills or finance for non-financers. Some will have you venture outside your office like yoga and other exercising classes, a visit to our production facilities or a day in the field with sales representatives.

  • Atlantic Mind: Skills for Better Life

    The initiatives of the Atlantic Mind Programme provide the knowledge and skills necessary to have a better quality of life that ensures daily satisfaction and long-lasting well-being. Through this programme all our employees can learn about personal finance management, healthy nutrition, mindfulness, techniques or positive thinking or they can take advantage of the psychological support we provide in cooperation with external experts.

  • Graduate Trainee Programme

    For fresh graduates without experience we have prepared a 12-month development program that helps them grow into full-fledged business professionals. The program starts with an extensive introduction to business which takes our Trainees through Atlantic’s field sales, factories, and key business departments. Next, Trainees rise to the challenge of running a relevant project in parallel to performing daily work at Atlantic. They have the extensive support of their Mentors in pulling this off. When they do, we reward them with a permanent job offer so they can continue to rock on with us.

  • Adventure for Young Professionals

    Adventure is an international development program for Atlantic’s young professionals and managers eager to take that next step. Participants get the chance to develop in business understanding, teamwork, project management, finance, and public presentation. What our program emphasizes is gaining hands-on experience through working on strategic business projects in the international teams with the mentoring support of top executives and prime experts from all over Atlantic.

  • Developing Top Notch Marketers 

    With 20 unique brands in our portfolio, we understand that developing our Marketers means developing our success. Marketing Academy provides our marketing community knowledge on cutting edge trends. Through cooperation with renowned partners (Google, Facebook, Nielsen Avado…), leading expertise conferences (Web Summit, Weekend Media Festival, Retail Summit…) and internal marketing experts, more than 500 Atlantic professionals continuously level up.

  • Building Authentic Leaders

    Aware that good managers are raised rather than born, we invest in the growth of quality and authentic leaders. Atlantic Leader Lab comprises two developing segments:

    • Atlantic Leader – All newly hired or promoted managers are provided with a basic set of leadership skills that is expected from Atlantic managers
    • Atlantic School for Managers – Meant for all Atlantic managers who are willing to further develop their leadership skills, be on top of current trends and increase their well-being


  • Fundamentals you can Count On

    Rewards are the fundamental rights all our employees enjoy. Each year we thank them for the time, passion, knowledge and loyalty they have invested in Atlantic Grupa, with a Christmas bonus, a Christmas gift for their children and holiday allowance. We also celebrate special occasions with them; jubilee anniversaries of their work at Atlantic and the birth of their children.

  • Rewarding Innovative Initiatives and Extra Efforts

    We believe each individual within the company can contribute to the growth and development of Atlantic with their unique insight and passion. There is a variety of reward&recognition models, covering achievement of team goals, exceptional individual results, sharing knowledge with colleagues, taking part in strategic projects or submitting innovative ideas.


  • Tailored Benefits

    To meet unique needs, we designed comprehensive and flexible benefits and rewarding programs. Employees who are entitled to an annual bonus can choose to get it in cash, or to defer it and transfer it into Atlantic Grupa shares. Employees in key positions have an opportunity to seize the Flex Benefits program and shape their annual benefits package by choosing options such as additional days off, education of choice, additional health insurance, IT equipment, etc.