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We love creators who aim to advance and complement the operations of Atlantic Grupa with fresh ideas, flavours and specific skill sets. However, your arrival to Atlantic is just the beginning, and you’re never left to your own devices. We will onboard you, familiarise you with Atlantic's work culture, reward every recommendation and teach you to keep the meetings short and sweet.

About Onboarding and Its Importance

Onboarding is a process that allows new employees to gain insights about the company, its culture and work processes. All new employees just starting their Atlantic career journey will receive an onboarding plan from their superior, which will provide them with all the necessary knowledge for the first few months of work. Moreover, they will be paired with a “buddy” who will support their integration into the company in a comfortable and productive way. A quality onboarding process reduces the stress of starting a new job and makes a big difference when it comes to long-term performance, for both the employee and the company. After this initial period, the new employee will become productive more quickly, have a stronger sense of belonging to the organisation and be more independent in his or her work.

About Buddies

A buddy is a colleague who helps a new Atlantic employee feel safe and welcome in their new work environment. The superior appoints a buddy for any new employee, after which the process of familiarisation and integration begins. Buddy is your support through integration, and getting to know new colleagues and a new work environment. Settling into a new job is a challenge for anyone, which is why we provide a buddy as someone who can be trusted to help the new employee take their first steps in a new environment. The role of the buddy was even more important during the pandemic and work from home, seeing as the new employees were unable to get to know their new colleagues and the workplace.

From Atlantic Employees

Olja Nestov, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

“I remember my first day at Atlantic very well. I was assigned a buddy from marketing – a colleague from my team who was responsible for taking me to lunch, giving me a tour of the locations and introducing me to everyone that day. After a week, I already felt like part of the team.” 

Siniša Kovačević, Key Account Manager

“I met all the key people who lead the company today and we were able to have a great, casual conversation through which we exchanged experiences and communicated comfortably with one another. People who didn’t even know me and to whom I had yet to present anything new, seeing as it was my second day at the new job, were so kind to me. That was when I knew we would become even closer as we got to know each other better and I started contributing to the team.”

Maja Šiprak, Senior Brand Development Manager

“On my very first day, I was already able to meet numerous people, with whom I still maintain great private and professional relationships. I was delighted to see that everyone treated me as an equal, as if there were no difference between a new employee and a director.” 

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We love creators of fresh ideas and flavors who will enhance and complement Atlantic Grupa’s activities with a specific set of skills. But your arrival at Atlantic is just the appetizer, and you are never alone at the table.

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