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We are here to satisfy your cravings! Reach your full potential through horizontal career development, and a range of trainings and mentorships! You can easily take the reins of your success by being proactive, and if you get tired of one option, we have in store plenty of other positions and opportunities for a change of function, brand, or even location! A dynamic workplace always keeps you moving forward!

Our employee development programmes are divided into several areas.

Besides standard face-to-face and online trainings, each area also uses blended learning, e-learning and VR, which allow employees an access to different learning paths so that they can choose a programme best suited to them.

Leader lab

Programmes and trainings for leaders

Building Authentic Leaders

Aware that good managers are raised rather than born, we invest in the growth of quality and authentic team leaders. The Atlantic Leader Lab comprises two development segments:

Atlantic Leader – all newly hired or promoted managers are provided with a basic set of leadership skills that is expected from Atlantic managers

Atlantic School for Managers – meant for all Atlantic managers who are willing to further develop their skills, be on top of current trends and increase their personal well-being

Functional lab

Programmes for functional competency development

Marketing Academy - Focused on digital and shopper marketing with an in-depth exploration of knowledge in areas such as consumer insights and media.

Trade Academy - Training designed through six modules to strengthen both hard and soft skills, as well as specific work competencies.

Financial Academy - Training intended for all employees in the financial department of the Atlantic Group.

Pharmacy Education Center - Training focused on the development of professional competencies for all pharmacy employees, regardless of prior experience.

My lab

Programmes intended for all employees

Atlantic School for Everyone

Atlantic School offers all our employees a colourful palette of training and development opportunities. The Atlantic School schedule features something to suit everyone’s needs, including business skill upgrades such as advanced MS Office skills, conversational English or German, presentation skills or finance skills for non-finance employees. Some will have you venture outside your office like yoga and other exercising classes, visit our production facilities or spend a day in the field with sales representatives.

Atlantic Mind: Skills for a Better Life

The initiatives of the Atlantic Mind programme provide the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a better quality of life that ensures daily satisfaction and long-lasting well-being. Through this programme, all our employees can learn about personal finance management, healthy nutrition, mindfulness, positive thinking techniques, or they can take advantage of the psychological support we provide in cooperation with external experts.

Talent lab

Programmes for young talent development

Graduate trainee

For fresh graduates without experience we have prepared the Graduate Trainee development programme, established as part of Talent Lab, that helps them grow into full-fledged business professionals. The 12-month path to development starts off with our trainees getting to know Atlantic’s field sales, factories, and key business departments. Our assemblies will give trainees the chance to share their thoughts with their colleagues on the project, as well as their Talent Management colleagues, who will guide them on how to take the best advantage of their interests, knowledge and curiosity during the course of the programme.

Graduate Trainee - hone Your Skills!

The key part of the programme includes working at the parent department, where the trainees will apply their newly acquired theoretical knowledge and experiences to day-to-day tasks and harmonise them with the work on the relevant business project designed for each trainee by their line managers. Mentors play a significant role in this part, which includes establishing communication with the younger colleagues so that they can understand their individual aspirations and show them how to grow professionally.

Graduate Trainee - present your masterpiece!

At the end of the programme, each trainee will have the opportunity to present their project, describing how they used their prior knowledge, acquired experience and the advice of colleagues, and essentially define their future job position.


Adventure is an international development programme for young professionals and managers of Atlantic Grupa. The programme participants would be the first to say this is more than just regular training. It is a “journey towards innovation, learning and implementation”. For all those on the hunt for new knowledge and opportunities, the Adventure programme offers training on teamwork, project management, financial management, and other relevant areas of interest that helps participants gain hands-on experience and hone their talents.

The Adventure programme is aimed at those who want to invest more of their time into personal development. Participants gain hands-on experience by working on strategic business projects in international teams with the mentoring support of in-house experts. The goal of the programme is to highlight and develop talents, create innovative solutions for strategic business matters and foster a sense of belonging to the Atlantic community.

From Atlantic Employees

Jelica Sinđelić, SAP Specialist

"I arrived at Atlantic thanks to the Management Trainee programme. For those first few months, a dozen of my colleagues and I learned the ropes with the help of our sales colleagues, negotiated with clients, communicated with key account managers and quite intensely learned the basics of Atlantic’s activities in the region. These group onboarding efforts by Atlantic are extremely useful to those getting to know the company for the first time."

Jovana Ilić, Brand Development Manager

„After just one year of experience, you get the chance to present something you created by yourself – with the help of your mentor, of course. Your audience includes directors and general director of the business you are working in. It is a great lesson for our future careers, and personally a truly valuable experience. The process of preparing the project was marked by the incredible support of my colleagues, after only a few months of knowing them.“ 

Nina Pepić, Brand Building Manager 

„I arrived at Atlantic in January 2018 through the Trainee programme straight out of university. For the first year, I was a trainee in the marketing sector, after which I moved on to the position of Marketing Assistant, where I spent the next year and a half. The post involved travelling across the region, so in that year I visited Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia. I can only describe it as a truly amazing experience.“

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