Flavours of recognition

We appropriately reward all achievements, successes of Innowave innovators, we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and newborn Atlantic juniors! In addition to numerous team and individual recognitions and awards, the Flex Benefits programme, various incentives and strategic, innovative and shareholder opportunities, our Christmas bonuses and gifts come as the real icing on the cake at the end of the year!

Fundamentals You Can Count On

Rewards are the fundamental right that all Atlantic employees enjoy. In accordance with the achieved business results, we thank them for the time, passion, knowledge and loyalty they invested in Atlantic Grupa with an appropriate reward at the end of the year and a gift for their children. We also celebrate special occasions and work anniversaries with them, as well as the birth of their children.

Tailored Benefits

In order to meet the unique needs of each and every Atlantic employee, we designed comprehensive and flexible benefits and reward programmes. The employees who are entitled to an annual bonus can choose whether they want to receive it in cash, or defer it with interest and transfer it into Atlantic Grupa shares. Employees in key positions have an opportunity to make use of the Flex Benefits programme, which allows them to shape their annual benefits package by choosing among options such as additional days off, training of their own choice, additional insurance, IT equipment, and the like.

Rewarding Innovative Initiatives and Extra Efforts

We believe that every individual within the company can contribute to the growth and development of Atlantic Grupa by offering their unique insight and passion. We have set up a variety of reward and recognition models that cover achievement of team goals, exceptional individual performance, knowledge sharing with colleagues, participation in strategic projects, or proposing innovative ideas.

Sabbatical: Pause-Rewind-Play

We believe that our loyal employees who have been working at Atlantic Grupa for a number of years in specific, challenging and key positions deserve an opportunity to step outside of the business world – to refresh and pursue desires that drive them from within. They may use that time to further their education or to take that dream trip, or they may need that time to provide support to a family member, or for other important life experiences and needs. Precisely for such cases, Atlantic Grupa has provided for a Sabbatical – an extended, paid leave.

Flavours of connection
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Over 5,000 Atlantic members join forces daily to serve fresh ideas and strategies aimed at developing more than 20 unique brands cherished by generations!

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We love creators of fresh ideas and flavors who will enhance and complement Atlantic Grupa’s activities with a specific set of skills. But your arrival at Atlantic is just the appetizer, and you are never alone at the table.

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