Flavours of well-being

Physical fitness, an open mind and an adventurous spirit lead to a healthy and balanced everyday life, as well as career! Free full medical examination, psychotherapy, numerous sporting activities, additional training opportunities, personal finances taken care of and paid extended leave are only a few of the advantages offered by Atlantic Grupa, which will help you find your zen!

Safe and Sound

Safety and protection of all Atlantic employees is one of our core principles. We have extensive occupational health and safety rules which guarantee a safe workplace environment, and we provide our employees with the protective equipment necessary for the performance of their tasks. We also continue to introduce new technologies which increase Atlantic employees’ productivity while decreasing physical strain. Furthermore, all Atlantic employees are insured against occupational accidents and injuries.

Free Full Medical Examination and Mental Health Support for All Employees

What does “well-being” mean to you? Personal preferences aside, we are sure that taking care of your health is on your list of priorities. Aware of the importance of actively taking care of our employees’ health, Atlantic Grupa has introduced free full medical examinations and other services related to mental health support. Full medical examinations are available to all employees without exception.

We Have Your Back

Our single solidarity policy is designed to help all Atlantic employees going through a difficult time. We are here to provide support to all our colleagues and their families when they need it the most. This includes, among other things, helping employees and their families in case of serious medical issues, natural disasters and difficult life circumstances. Moreover, in cooperation with external experts, we provide and cover the costs of anonymous group and individual psychological assistance for our employees and their families.

Time Spent with Children

Parents of first-graders are able to take a day off for their children’s first day of school, giving them the opportunity to fully support and attend to the needs of their little ones when it matters the most. The first day of school is a big turning point in every child’s life, affecting the whole family as well. Thanks to the ability to take a day off, every parent can relive the first time in class – now while accompanying their child – and fully appreciate the experience.

Sportsmanship Spirit

When it comes to sports fans, Atlantic shares your enthusiasm, which is why we offer a choice of over 20 sporting clubs for more than 13 different sports. The clubs are headed by Atlantic employees and Atlantic Grupa’s budget covers all their expenses.

Once a year, we gather for a big corporate sporting event known as Sports Weekend. To give you a clear idea of just how invested we are in sports, the applications for 700 free Sports Weekend spots are always filled within a minute of their opening.

We Have Become an Office-First, Remote-Friendly Organisation

Although most of our employees are only able to perform their work tasks from the production facilities, warehouses, shops, pharmacies or offices, many others can also do their jobs remotely.

We strongly value the work-life balance, which is why we decided to introduce flexible forms of work as standard practice, not an exception to the rule. Working from home eliminates the need for commuting, meaning we can better focus and balance our everyday private and professional obligations.

We have designated clear criteria according to which everyone can choose his or her optimal work option

FIXED is for all employees who wish to work at their standard workplace for the majority of time

MIXED is for all employees splitting their hours 50/50 between work from home and work from the office

REMOTE is for all employees who wish to continuously work from home

ANCHOR DAY – “Let’s Meet Up in Person Today”

Flexible forms of work are complemented by the so-called Anchor Day, when we all gather in person. This is a routine practice to remind us all that in the long term, nothing can replace live cooperation. On Anchor Day, everyone is invited to work and hold meetings at the same location (regardless of where that may be). Functional department heads set their Anchor Day date first, according to which other team leaders may adjust their dates. Such a schedule is still adjusted for colleagues who wish to work from home, while making sure they don’t fully lose live contact with other colleagues.

From Atlantic Employees

Mojca Pesendorfer, Head of Brand Marketing for Argeta

“Atlantic is very good at anticipating difficulties posed by various circumstances. For example, we were very quick to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. Employee needs are also recognized well and the leadership is quick to react to anything we might need. I truly appreciate this. Personally, the mixed work option makes my life a lot easier and I’m grateful to have that opportunity.”

Iva Ćorić, Head of Corporate Development

“I would like to stress the benefit of the flexible work option, as this is something which greatly helped me when I had trouble balancing my professional and private life. Mixing those two worlds was made a lot easier during my first few months, when I worked half time, and I never felt like I owed someone something.” 

Tina Đukanović, Brand Development and Innovation Manager

“My team came to my aid by answering my questions and providing useful input. Talking to other women, mothers and female colleagues was especially helpful, as I was able to use their insights to establish my own work balance, mode and rhythm.”

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